The web site is online presence of your B2B, B2C or C2C relationship. You offer content, product or service for people as business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) or consumer to consumer (C2C) relationship. You need audience for your content or customer for your product or service or affiliate. You need to have perfect on-line presence. You need to promote your on-line presence to improve your web site traffic, leads, sales and audience, but how?

Traffic Volume

SEO can increase the volume of web site traffic. Search engine optimized web site show up in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) more than web site which is not optimized. Optimized web site also show up for more related result in SERP to compare with not fully optimized web site.

Why Quality Traffic

SEO can improve the quality of web site traffic. Search engine optimized web site performs better. SEO must target for relevant keyword (search term) to drive quality traffic. You need do more to convert this traffic to quality traffic.

If you want your visitors read an article then you must guide them to that article as lead optimization. If you want your visitors buy your products or services you must have optimized landing pages. Your web site navigation is another factor to navigate your visitor clearly and easily.

Why Analytical Solution

You need to monitor your improvement and track your progress. Your time is more valuable to do it yourself also it is time consuming to generate measurable, meaningful, actionable and analytical report. You need analytical solution to visualize your web site performing in a simple way and easy to use.

Optimization process must improve web site traffic and traffic quality. Reporting is an essential in any SEO job. Reporting system must be able to track web site traffic progress also it must be analytical and have data visualization. SEO reporting system must be real-time, flexible and extensible. We are using Google Analytic as a core of reporting system also we have different tools to generate conceptual and visualize analytic report with ability to dill-down the content and metrics.

Increase Sales by SEO

SEO increase sales by driving more traffic. For instance 100 visitors generate 5 sales (5%) then 1000 visitors may caused 50 sales (5%). There are other factors to increase sales. In both scenarios just 5% of visitors converted to buyers so the quality of traffic was constant but volume of the sales was bigger for bigger amount of customers. SEO can improve conversion rate. In given scenarios if we improve conversion rate to 10% then our sales has 100% improvement. In this case 100 visitors will generate 10 sales and 1000 visitors will generate 100 sales.

SEO as long term Commitment

SEO needs time to be mature and effective but after that it will work properly and just needs improvement.

What is SEO?

SEO is acronym of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is improving the volume of traffic to a web site also SEO is improving the quality of traffic to a web site.

How Search Engine Works

There are three different models for Search Engine.

Crawler-Based Search Engine

Crawler-based or automated search engine crawl the web by using spider or robots then they save the web content, index them and ranked them such as Google. When you search in Google then Google will check in their index and show the result based on their rank in Google index. Obviously Google do not search the actual web sites instead it searches Google index and Google Page Ranking to generate the search engine result page (SERP) for the given search term.

Human-Powered Directories

Open directory such as Yahoo are human-powered directory. The human must actually submit a web site to the human-powered directory with proper information related to the web site such as title and description for submitted web site. Directory editors may edit or re-write your submission information.

Hybrid Search Engine

Hybrid search engine has both crawler and submission side by side like Google and Bing (formerly Live Search, Windows Live Search and MSN search).

Search Engine Submission

Crawler- based search engine searches known web site and harvest their content and links. If you have a brand new web site which is not listed anywhere, so no one linked to it, then search engines never know you are there. You need to at least submit your web site in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Open Directory

How to Do SEO?

SEO service is hundreds up to thousand dollars service. SEO companies offer tons of SEO Tools for free or low budget tools but you need knowledge to use those tools. Also you need to know which tool is more effective and which is not. Search Engine Optimization is too tricky and challenging because there are a tons of things you need to taking care of. You need to have SEO knowledge to know what to do first and what to do next and on and on … then how to monitor your overall improvement.

How Master Optimizer SEO Works for You?

Evaluation: We evaluate your web site and record the report for further comparison.

Optimization Strategy: We define your web site SEO strategy based on your evaluation report.

Search Engine Optimization: We optimize your web site based on your custom optimization strategy.

Monitor & Report: We Monitor & report your web site SEO checklist and progress.

SEO Level & Steps: Master Optimizer SEO service has multiple levels. Each level consists of multiple steps and we have checklist for them. We do optimize, monitor and generate the report based on your custom SEO strategy checklist for level and steps.

Next level upgrade: When your web site optimization checklist completed for the current level you will upgraded to the next level without any charge.

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